I have found myself changing a lot over the past year(s), and it has really affected my love of anime and manga. While I don’t dislike anime, my tastes are different and I no longer watch it often at all. In fact, I haven’t seen anything since my last entry.

I could of course become a pretentious snob of an anime blogger who sits around drinking wine and writes about the most obscure shows that nobody else has ever heard of, but even the frequency of such entries would be too low to keep this thing going.

Therefore, I am leaving. Maybe I will be seized by some immense passion for anime and return to blogging sporadically, but right now I can’t see it happening.

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Del Power X Bakuhatsu Miracle Genki

Del Power X is a relatively old OVA from 1986. It’s comedy about mecha wrestling. There’s only one episode in existence. A reference to episode 2 makes me believe that the creators had planned to make more, but it was too terrible to get further funding. (It’s pretty awful.) I’m writing this so that nobody else has to watch it to find out what actually happens. (Curiosity killed the cat – in this case, my brain. Why can’t I stay away from terrible old anime?)

There is one other review I’ve found, although it’s too kind.
Oh wait, I lied, here’s one more over at Anime Planet.

Also, I got bored to death half-way through this summary (and the episode itself). Notice how it gets less detailed after the first four paragraphs.

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Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora – Episode 1 Summary

This Fandora thing is old (1985), and I’m drawn to old anime. I knew nothing about it, aside from that the picture on ANN is sort of neat. It also has “dream” in the title. Since it’s only 3 episodes long, I decided to give it a try. What awaited me was… mediocrity. Why I also wrote an excessively long summary, I don’t know. Perhaps so that others don’t have to watch it to know what happened? Or maybe just to procrastinate?

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Vampire Princess Miyu OVA – Review

Vampire Princess Miyu is an older (OVA from 88/89) semi-horror series following, as you can guess, a female vampire named Miyu. I love the manga because it’s visually beautiful, so I wanted to see the rest of the series.

Allow me to link to two sites which give a better introduction:
Something hosted on MIT
Eternal Requiem

As a side note, Miyu is so much more awesome once you realize that her name means “beautiful evening.”

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Why I don’t like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

…what is going on with my neck?

I usually don’t write about shows I downright dislike because I stay far, far away from them in the first place. This probably means that I’ve overlooked some shows I would’ve loved, but I don’t even have enough time to watch what I do now (Hello, backlog.), so it works out just fine.

The reason I’m writing about Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is that it was supposed to be a series I’d love. It features the most pessimistic teacher on earth and kanji jokes. I was excited about it. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I expected something completely different from what I should have known was coming. The point is that I looked forward to it only to find out that I kind of don’t like it much at all. I don’t hate it, and it’s certainly better than watching Speed Grapher, but I can think of many better things to do with my time.

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Pretear Review

Wow, a sporadic update! I simply haven’t had time to write during the semester, and on top of that, my laptop is out of order for the moment. Since it contains to-be-watched episodes as well as almost-completed entries (more reviews), it makes this whole blogging-thing kind of hard. I don’t want to put a whole bunch of stuff on the laptop I’m now borrowing, but I figured I could watch DVDs.

So, here’s Pretear. I seem to be the one of the few people who didn’t absolutely love it. Read on to find out why. Spoilers within, of course. Continue reading

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Please Save My Earth OVA

I never gave much thought to this before, but I like the Japanese title (Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte) better because it conveys who the person saying it is. In the anime, in fact, Rin actually says pretty much the exact phrase.

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Circus Wonder – Natsu no Himei

Natsu no Himei is by far my favorite story of the volume. It’s also the shortest and a straight up horror story, which allows the plot to seem much less contrived than that of the first two.

The summary behind the cut contains spoilers, of course, so don’t read more than the first real paragraph if you care about such things.

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Circus Wonder – Akuma ni Please

It’s been a while since I posted an entry on Circus Wonder, but now I’ve finally gotten around to the second story in the volume. (It’s Spring Break, by the way, so I can actually take a few days off from school work completely for once.)

Also, my poor old scanner is slowly dying. Please excuse it; it’s still trying its best.

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Quick Review – Mononoke

I liked Black Sheep’s translation of Mononoke better, but the files were so big that my poor laptop really had to struggle (it’s not that old) and the video would lag sometimes (of course having Azureus open as well probably didn’t help). Just a warning.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the OP. The music fit the show, but the vocals were kind of “eh.” The ED was just your usual ED fare. Often underwhelming or strained otherwise, the music isn’t what makes Mononoke good.

Someone sure liked their Klimt references! If you’ve seen Bake Neko, you know what the crumpled colored paper style is like. The sceencap up there? That look is what it’s all in. It’s similar to what Gankutsuou did, just with “paper” instead of patterns, and also mixes in a lot of traditional Japanese looking imagery. I was suprised at the continually high level of the animation itself, as I wouldn’t expect an artsy show like this to receive a high budget. Nevertheless, it managed to look phenomenal.

Bake Neko worked so well because everyone was pretty much insane. It was fun. Mononoke is different in that, for me, the most important element was no longer story or even the characters but the overall style that everything was told in. The visuals are important, but with this I’m refering more towards the way people, particularly our protagonist, talk and the way the story unfolds. I’m floundering a bit for words here, but the essence it that Mononoke’s five stories or the characters inhabiting them were not as interesting (I was occasionally bored.) as the way in which they were told, which was superb.

Final Verdict
Not Bake Neko but still good, in a different way.

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