Heroic Age – Impressions (Ep. 1 – 10)

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Heroic Age is a series that I had moderate interest in checking out because the mecha-looking thing on the official website looked sort of neat. And neat it was, except that it doesn’t seem to have much going for it other than that.

Read on for a short summary, some ranting about its pitfalls, and my opinions on it up to episode 10.

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I’m absolutely horrible at summarizing things, but since the plot of this seems so overly simple, I have no doubts that I can succeed, for once. In just one short little paragraph:

The quite jerkish Golden Tribe leaves the Silver Tribe, Bronze Tribe, and Iron Tribe to fend for their own in some part of space; the Silver Tribe decides to bully everyone around and nobody really likes the Iron Tribe. The Iron Tribe is not too happy and sets out to do something about it in the form of searching for “their” Nodos. After eventually finding it, they battle their way back to their home planet with ridiculous ease, for the most part, because of the Nodos’s ridiculous strenght. Other Nodos (I really have no idea what the plural for it is, but since it’s made by Japanese people I’m just going to assume that it’s the same as singular.) show up and duke it out with the humans’ Nodos, Age, after he decides he doesn’t want to join them. Of course Age eventually wins and everybody heads back to their home planet, where they immediately decide to declare war on the Silver Tribe because apparently the Nodos alone is strong enough to make them believe that they can now stop being the weaklings of the universe. The prince throws a little hissy fit (emotionally, at least), and off to earth they go.

Yeah, all of that took up 10 episodes.

Heroic Age’s main problem is that it’s getting fairly boring to watch. It’s not really the length of the fights that are the cause; it’s how they always seem to end – with the Nodos saving the day. Episode 1 got me sort of excited about this show because the Nodos is pretty bad-ass. There’s really no way around it. And to start off with destroying small planet looking objects is pretty cool, except that there’s no leveling up going on at all. The Nodos doesn’t seem to be getting much stronger, and after it destroys the Bronze Tribe’s nests for the nth time, all of it is pretty yawn-inducing. The fight between the two Nodos may have actually been worse, however, because they really just clashed against each other for a really long while (over 200 hours!) before Age just sort of won. It wasn’t exciting. At all.

When your main strength is eye candy, it’s also not too good to let the art quality go down the drain. Let me show you an example:

Why aren’t his eyes lining up? I don’t even want to know.

Another great annoyance is the fact that the laws of Physics are completely mangled and then curbstomped for good measure. Momentum is abused the most. Consider: everything takes place in space. The Nodos is not a spaceship; it does not have any way to propel itself except for whatever mysterious “energy” it may have. Even so, how in the world is it going to hurl something bigger than itself away without moving an inch? The part of me that loved my freshman Physics class is crying right about now. I don’t even want to think about it any more – it should suffice to say that all of this stuff sort of balances out any inherent bad-ass-ness the Nodos may appear to have.

Overall, I don’t care much for the story, and all of the political scheming is pretty annoying. I wish Xebec could have realized that the main appeal this show would have was “Oooh, cool mecha-like thing!!” and not try to focus too much on anything else.

Right now I’m in a rather horrible situation, as I don’t want to drop it because I’ve watched it so far and I’m also sort of hoping that it’ll get good again. But it’s just so… bland; perhaps (hopefully) the big war in the upcoming episodes will liven things up a bit.

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