Devil May Cry – First Impressions


I’ve never played DMC, although it’s part of my great backlog of video games (somewhere), but, to put it bluntly, I think Dante is hot. That’s the main reason I want to play the games (aside from that they’re supposed to be good), and that’s the main reason I’m watching this show. Quite shallow, I know, but what can I say? Dante is one good looking bunch of polygons.

I like video game Dante, as video game Dante looks more realistic. Therefore, while still pretty bad-ass, anime Dante just no longer holds the same appeal. In other words, for me to like this show, it actually has to be good instead of just a Dante fest, and it sort of fails at that.

The biggest problem it has is that, aside from any fighting, it’s just not interesting. I personally could care less about the little brat, so any scenes with her that you wouldn’t really enjoy if you found her annoying (pretty much any scenes with her in it), I didn’t enjoy.


The fights were ok, but I was always somehow reminded of Hellsing. I guess that’s inevitable, since it’s a action show featuring a relatively dark looking guy with big guns (and a sword), but sometimes it seemed to try too hard. The “reloading the gun with his teeth” scene in particular, although it was quite silly, since it basically consisted of Dante holding the gun in his mouth while his hair flowed about. Then it cut to another scene, so it came across as if Dante were just holding the gun in his mouth and posing for the camera for a few seconds.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but I think animated demons always look silly/stupid. Laughably so.

The final verdict? Lame. I’ll probably be watching at least a few more episodes to see if it won’t get good (or at least decent) after all, but don’t expect me to write anything else on it unless it suddenly becomes super awesome or it’s good enough that I watch all of it (in which case I’ll probably write a review).

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