Dennou Coil – 05

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While this episode is much more calm and peaceful than the previous one, it does throw up some interesting and yet to be answered questions.

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Before I get to that, I guess I should say something about the more important happenings in this episode.  Most pertinent is probably that the members of Daichi’s gang have all become Yuko’s minions. This development is actually a bit disappointing, because even though Daichi was and is an irritating little pest, I assumed that he was also obstinate on top of that and wouldn’t just switch over to the side of someone he seemed to have declared an enemy. Obviously, I was wrong. Obviously, being around an encoder without being simultaneously engaged in some sort of cyberwarfare with him or her is way more alluring than having a bit of pride.

The second revelation of the episode is that Daichi actually has a crush on Fumie, who is too thickheaded to notice. Could have fooled me; it seemed like they really were just on opposing sides and thus out to play pranks on each other and make each other as miserable as possible. Not that I think Fumie would have been better off with him, mind you.


Now to the questions thrown up: Who is Haraken, and why do the Sacchi obey him like little lapdogs?
Who is the mysterious motorcyclist? She appeared in the next episode preview, so I hope that that question will then be answered.
Finally, of course, the question that has spanned (almost?) all episodes: Who or what exactly is Michiko?

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2 Responses to Dennou Coil – 05

  1. adrian says:

    Sacchi is Haraken’s pet…

    Daichi has a crush on Fumie? When? How?

  2. haruda says:

    It’s been almost a month since I watched this now, but basically he always picked on her (and only her). Fumie told Yasako about this as they were following Isako’s group but only Yasako picked up on the “Hey, he probably liked you!” thing.