Hiatus Part 2

I’ve realized that keeping an anime blog dealing with all of the hot new shows is often a burden along with being quite fun.  For instance, I at least might find myself struggling to keep up with the shows I’m blogging (watching Gurren-Lagann raw the day it airs, writing about everything else the day the fansubs come out, etc.), when I may want to take time to catch up on something older or spend time on my other hobbies.

Thus, I’m not enjoying this whole “blogging brand new anime episodes” thing (although I could have figured that out years ago before moving to a proper blog) and have decided that I don’t really want any more weight on my shoulder. My time would be better spent writing about older or more obscure series. For instance, I have a lot of random (shoujo) manga in Japanese and am finally getting to the point where I can understand them. Writing about them is a much more appealing thought than, say, having to keep right on top the newest releases. On the other hand, reading them takes a while, as I have to look up many things, so any review would still be days away, at the least.

The bottom line? Nothing more on new series (for now) except for reviews.

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One Response to Hiatus Part 2

  1. Martin says:

    Good to see you haven’t given up on blogging entirely! I must admit I can’t be bothered to do episode-by-episode reviews anymore either – it’s sometimes easier to watch a block of several and base impressions on those (writing fewer separate reviews and saving time in the process!), especially when you’re trying to step back a bit and see the ‘bigger picture’ of a show you’re following.

    Anyways, welcome back!