First Gashapon Figures!

Note: I have a Zant figure left that I need to get rid of; please comment if you want it.

I’m generally the type of fan who will focus on buying just DVDs, manga, and so on and not too much on collecting merchandise. It could get expensive and I’m a pretty stingy person to begin with. Thus, while I have some posters, a wallscroll, some model kits (including Nirvash spec 2!), a resin kit that has yet to be completed let alone started, and a couple of plushies, that’s about it. No otaku style room full of figures to be found here.

I’ve also never bought capsule toys. That changed when I discovered a Twilight Princess set on HLJ, which I of course almost immediately preordered because I’m a crazy Zelda fanatic. Soon after, preorders were closed, and now it’s listed as discontinued, so I’m glad that I got it when I did.

The set consists of four characters: Link, Zelda, Zant, and Midna plus wolf Link. A box contains eight capsules, so do the math if you want to know what the chances of getting a complete set are.

By the time the package arrived, I was quite giddy with anticipation. I had preordered this in May and it didn’t get here until August; I almost gave up hope of it ever being finished at all. The first figure I then freed out of its capsule prison and feverishly stuck together was… Zelda:

The second was… Zant:

The third was… Link:

After unpacking Link, I was feeling quite full of myself and my awesome figure collecting skills. That was a mistake, because the rest were all doubles. No Midna for me. I guess it could have been worse, because Midna was the figure I was least interested in getting. On the other hand, I cannot believe that I didn’t get the full set.

I don’t think that gashapon figure collecting is a new facet of this already way too expensive hobby (Plus, the series I’d want some for are old, like Lodoss, so I don’t know if any were even ever made and I’m pretty sure there won’t be any new ones.) that I want to take up, but I’m certainly happy to own these things. The quality is even decent. Zant is actually the most well-made one, in my opinion; both Link’s and Zelda’s sword have slight bendy sword syndrome and Link’s eyes look a bit too slanty to me.

By the way, this entry was somehow a lot longer before WordPress ate it. (I tried to save it, eventually got one of those lovely “connection timed out” pages, and was of course presented with a completely blank form after using the back button. Argh. Up to the first sentence of the second paragraph was saved; the rest was gone. Forever. Thanks, WP. I hate you.)

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