Anime Avalon is Closing!

While I try to get through Akuma ni Onegai, the next short story in Circus Wonder, here’s some stuff I got, because stuff is always cool.

Anime Avalon, formerly Anime Planet, the only anime store that I know of here in Houston, is closing its doors. On one hand it’s sad; on the other their prices aren’t that great so I never bought anything aside from a D.N.Angel calender way back in ’03 or ’04. I also don’t rent DVDs, which is the other thing they’d have been useful for.

However, with closing comes clearance. Well, “clearance” may be too strong of a word, as everything in the store was a modest 30% off, but it brought the prices down to “reasonable” instead of “expensive.” Aside from that, rental DVDs were $5 each. I’m not picky about previously viewed material, as long as it’s not horribly scratched, and they were cheaper than what their actual non-rental used DVDs would be. In other words, spending time! I said that I was stingy, so I skipped over a lot of stuff that I just kind of sort of wanted (Saint Tail, Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, Human Crossing), but I ended up spending a total of about $60 on this:

Earthian – This disk and I go way back to when I was still in high school. I once actually rented it from this store (I think it was still Anime Planet back then.), although it was most likely a different copy, to watch it and then rip it. For some unknown reason, I never watched the whole thing, although I liked it. (Yes, I actually liked it, even though most people seem to hate it.)

Haunted Junction 2 disk set – I’m familiar with this one from high school, as well, where a friend of mine introduced me to it. We never watched more than a few episodes, so it’s also something that I’ve been randomly remembering every now and then and wanting to watch.

Please Save My Earth – I love the manga and this anime adaption isn’t supposed to suck.

Pretear 1 – 4 – The thinpack would’ve cost a teeny tiny bit more, so why not? Yet again, I’ve been wanting to see this ever since I heard about it back in high school.

Vincent Valentine Advent Children action figure – I considered buying this for the full price when it first came out, so I couldn’t say no to paying just $14 for it. In fact, that’s probably the one thing I went in hoping that they’d have.

That was yesterday. Today I went back with my boyfriend, who is also a fan, to look to see if I had missed something good while he looked through stuff. Sure enough, I would have bought KareKano, but they only had the first three DVDs. I did buy a cheapo Gundam model though, because even though I don’t like Gundam Wing, or at least haven’t watched it, I like building models. Buying it also inspired me to try and build the one resin kit I own before the fall semester starts, so expect an entry about that soon.

Sadly, they were selling rental box sets including the box and everything, but by now they’re all gone. There’s more than one copy of most (each?) disk, so they’re just selling them in blank cases. They did have things that I would’ve really liked, but if it doesn’t come with the original case, I’m not buying it.

I’m disappointed that their manga selection wasn’t better (With the 30% off, prices are about what you’d pay for manga from Japan plus shipping, so I would have definitely bought some.); they had series that I’d have grabbed up in a heartbeat (Vampire Princess Miyu, Mekakushi no Kuni, Nervous Venus), but they were all incomplete.

Overall, though, if you live in Houston, check it out. I will definitely go back, because they’re apparently not done getting shipments in and I have hope that as things draw closer to an end (they’re open until sometime in September), the prices will go down.

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