Quick Review – Seirei no Moribito

Hello, I still exist. I haven’t abandoned this blog; I just have a hard time finding time to even watch things during the semester. I’m off from school for about another week, so, as I said months ago, I’m catching up. Because it’s been a while since I started watching many of these shows, I’m not going to spend hours writing detailed reviews. Rather, I’d just like to do a quick one of each to sort of wrap things up.

First up: Seirei no Moribito

Seirei no Moribito wasn’t something I even looked forward to; the only reason I started watching it was because it got favorable reviews from other bloggers. I’m glad I did. I have no pictures because I had to watch the later episodes with Windows Media Player (not even MPC would work) and have yet to figure out (or care enough to do so) how to take screencaps with it. If you would really like to see some pretty images, head over to the official site.

I’m sorry L’Arc en Ciel, but that OP was terrible. The English at the beginning was probably the worst and most painful part. The ED was good but forgettable, as most of the rest of the music. In fact, the only song that I can actually remember is the Nahji one. As for everything else that played in the background? I have no idea if I’d even recognize it.

One of the best things about this show was probably the consistently high level of animation. In a time where TV series tend to go drastically downhill after the first few episodes, this is a welcomed change. Sure, the animation quality diminished a bit, but even its low levels looked better than some things seen in other contemporary shows. (Heroic Age, I’m looking at you.)

I’d describe the story as engaging, titillating at parts, and heart-warming. Although I know that it was based on novels and there is actually much more to come that wasn’t told, the ending felt like an actual ending. The one complaint I have is the pacing, which could drag on at parts and just felt a tad too long for 26 episodes.

Final Verdict
Seirei no Moribito was quite a solid title that was excellent on many levels. Just as it’s music, however, something about it just didn’t scream “awesome.” I wouldn’t buy the individual DVDs for it (as I’m doing for Mushishi), but I would consider purchasing a thinpack if one ever came out.

Good, even great, just not exquisite, sublime, awe-inspiring, or whatever synonym of those you’d like.
If I had to give it a rating: 8/10

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3 Responses to Quick Review – Seirei no Moribito

  1. pipipi says:

    hi, I found your blog through google~

    I just started watching the show yesterday since I saw someone mentioned it on LJ, and finished just now. I was thinking this series is not my cup of tea at the beginnig, but somehow I followed the series till the end. Shouldn’t be doing this since this is the week before my exams xP

    Serei no Moribito is indeed a good show, yet I probably wouldn’t consider watching it again. Like you said, it’s not really inspiring and not something I see as entertaining either. But I have no less opinion of the anime, it was well done. If the second season comes out I’d surely have a go at it.

    agree with you on the music part, I fast-forwarded the OP and ED everytime lol

  2. pipipi says:

    *rather than not entertaining,,, I’d say not for some light entertainment, since I did enjoy the show :P

  3. haruda says:

    Yay, someone read what I wrote!

    The fight in the, what, 3rd or 4th episode (the beginning, in any case) was actually the one moment in the anime that made me go “Whooo awesome!!” Then it just didn’t get that exciting again.
    To each their own, I guess. :D

    And of course the best time to procrastinate is when exams are just around the corner. Nothing wrong with that.