Quick Review – The Skull Man

The Skull Man was yet another show I wanted to see because of bones. I haven’t read this manga or any others by the mangaka, so I had no clue where it’d go and also missed any references to other works that may have been there. (Apparently there was some reference to Cyborg 009 – I had no idea.)

The OP was probably my favorite from the season, and the rest of the music was decent. I can at least remember the theme that played when Skull Man would show up, but I wouldn’t buy or even bother to download the OST.

A comparison with Darker Than Black makes it clear which show got more money thrown at it. This one is pretty far below other shows bones has put out recently (that I can think of), although a few top notch scenes, usually showing the Skull Man himself, were interspersed among the mediocre rest. To be fair, the last few episodes got a bit better, too.

My main complaint about The Skull Man is that I don’t really know what in the world it’s trying to be. Most of the time, it seems to be a murder mystery with lots of political intrigue, but then monsters appear who look out of place and completely ridiculous. To make matters worse, those military freaks got involved, and the ending turned into absolute insanity. Insanity can be nice and all, but when you go from quoting Nietzsche and Shakespeare to fighting lizard-like monsters, it’s kind of weird. How am I supposed to take the whole theme of “humans are evil” seriously when that kind of stuff is in there?

Final Verdict
I liked The Skull Man when it was good, but the greater focus on action toward the end left a bad taste in my mouth. Had the show been about supernatural action and fighting from the start, it would have been fine, but the beginning and end didn’t really go together well for me at all.

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