Quick Review – Bokura no

Gonzo actually managed to spew out something good in the form of Bokura no.

The OP was absolutely the best for the Spring 2007 season! I believe it’s the only one, aside from The Skull Man, that I sat through each and every time I watched an episode. The BG music was almost good enough for me to go find the OST.

CG robots still aren’t really my thing, but Zearth looks decent. The best part of the battles was the realistically slow motion of them, as giant robots, if we assume their possible existence for a second, aren’t really going to be zipping around. Otherwise, a presumably low budget unfortunately shows, although it’s not bad enough to really distract from the story. A few decent scenes, such as the one in the screencap above, are sprinkled here and there, but that’s it.

I’ve never read the manga so I can’t really draw comparisons, but I’m aware that the anime version is apparently toned down. On one hand, I’m happy with what I saw, as it was tragic but still had a relatively happy ending, but on the other, I don’t know if the happy ending really fit. I’ve seen Narutaru, after all, and the brutality was kind of what made it good. I don’t like the lovey-dovey resolution; I would have liked to see absolute despair.
In any case, one of the best parts was the characters, particularly Ushiro. A show has to be pretty good to turn my most hated character into my favorite.
The worst part was the middle. It’s not that nothing happened or that there was a lot of filler, but it felt a bit lackluster and boring comparing to the beginning and end. I wish that they hadn’t focused so much on the military and economic happenings but instead of just the children.

Final Verdict
I now want to read the manga, which is a good thing. (For average shows, I’m glad that they’re over and done with.) Bokura no was fairly good overall, but the middle kept it from being great and there was just something missing that would’ve made it excellent.

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