Del Power X Bakuhatsu Miracle Genki

Del Power X is a relatively old OVA from 1986. It’s comedy about mecha wrestling. There’s only one episode in existence. A reference to episode 2 makes me believe that the creators had planned to make more, but it was too terrible to get further funding. (It’s pretty awful.) I’m writing this so that nobody else has to watch it to find out what actually happens. (Curiosity killed the cat – in this case, my brain. Why can’t I stay away from terrible old anime?)

There is one other review I’ve found, although it’s too kind.
Oh wait, I lied, here’s one more over at Anime Planet.

Also, I got bored to death half-way through this summary (and the episode itself). Notice how it gets less detailed after the first four paragraphs.


The anime opens with a helicopter dropping off a large wooden box in front of a girl’s house just as she is ready to leave. This of course warrants a scene of her struggling against the air once she opens her front door, leading to nothing other than a panty shot. (Tacky.)

In anger Manami (That’s her name.) strikes the box, since she doesn’t want weird things delivered outside of her house! Doing so appears to cause a boy on a motorcycle to fall over (but he really just drove into the box). A boy with a huge head, it must be said. Suddenly, they both notice a robotic arm peaking out of the crate. Before they can examine it much further, an insane old man crawls onto the top of the crate and yells that it contains “Del Power X” while making nerdy gestures. Turns out that he’s Manami’s grandfather, and the mecha is for her.

At this point, her grandfather tries to kiss her, and big-head-guy, Yousuke, gives her a creepy wink while offering her a ride. Yuck. Manami at least is happy over Yousuke’s attention, because he’s popular at school for being the “Pro Wrestling Research Team” president. On their way, they are passed by some famous motorcyclist (“Famous” in the world of anime, apparently. Welcome to obscure references to older shows. I didn’t get it either.)

Meanwhile, it turns out that the grandfather is the one who made the mecha suit in the first place. While he stands outside talking with Manami’s mother, another crazy old geezer in a mecha suit named Von Getsueru (hereafter referred to as “Von G”) shows up and challenges him to a fight. He used to be bullied and wants revenge! Too bad that the grandfather wants to take Manami’s forgotten bento to her (possibly to hit on her some more) and just runs away using the mecha.

Once they arrive at school, Manami’s grandfather opens the, uh, hatch for the mecha to give Manami her lunch only to be kneed in the back by Von G. Yousuke rushes out there to get in the suit and take revenge, but he doesn’t fit. It’s made for Minami, after all. And thus her grandfathers ushers her in, complete with a slap on her ass. (What the hell, I can understand that lecherous old men are an anime staple, but lecherous grandfathers is taking it a bit too far.) Manami sits around helpless until it’s pointed out to her that her bento has been stomped to death by Von G. So, she punches him. I should point out that the mecha mirrors her movements, giving it a very stereotypically “feminine” demeanor. I guess this is supposed to be funny.

Then, a big buff guy named Nick Jagger (I would assume this was a joke about Mick Jagger, the only connection my mind came up with, but Mick Jagger wasn’t a hunky mass of muscles, as far as I know.) shows up to take care of Manami because Von G is too big of a wimp. Unfortunately, Nick Jagger won’t have his mecha suit until the next morning, so he just beats up Yousuke for the time being. Minami agrees to a duel at 9 a.m. the next morning, because she wants to avenge her bento.

The next day, she takes the subway to the duel, where she suddenly dons a white swimsuit. I guess it’s her fighting outfit. It’s sort of bizarre. The whole school comes to watch the fight that turns into a wrestling match. (It seems the creators had a thing for pro wrestling.) A wrestling match between humanoid robots.

Two weird women in female mecha show up, Suzi and Laura. One of them attacks Del Power, the other Yousuke. They’re doing this to help Von G, but for some reason it really annoys him, so he removes their mecha suits (by touching them). Unsurprisingly, they’re wearing only skimpy bikini-like outfits. Back to Minami versus Nick Jagger it is. Grandfather reveals that there’s a keyword to activate Del Power’s full power. It is: Miracle Genki! Powered up, she defeats him with a few more wrestling moves.

Yousuke greets her with a kiss (on the cheek). During the match, she changes her motivation from “I must avenge my bento” to “I must avenge Yousuke’s embarrassing defeat.” In other words, they’re in love (after knowing each other for less than a day). Awwww.

It ends with a few shots of a film crew setting up the entire thing.


The wrestling thing is really weird, since wrestling is incredibly goofy and tacky and something that little boys think is cool. The references are for things before my time of informing myself about every show each season. In fact, they’re for things before I even existed. That is, if there are even references; I’m assuming there are because it would just be unbearably dull otherwise. Maybe it’s really funny if you catch everything. Who knows? I don’t.

The animation is mediocre. It’s about as good as Fandora, which means it looks like old TV anime. Considering that it’s an OVA (and the roughly 40 minute length makes me assume it wasn’t planned to be a TV series), I’m a bit disappointed.

The music consists of 80′s pop and rock. I’m unabashedly a fan of 80′s pop music, so it doesn’t bother me much, but nothing stands out and the OP is just plain ridiculous. It’s all kind of boring, like the show itself.

The writing seems like something I’d have come up with when I was 14, with random characters and wacky zaniness. (Except that I was too busy dreaming up my own shoujo manga, but had I been into wrestling mecha this would’ve been it.) Needless to say, and I think I’ve mentioned it (a millions times) before, I was stupid at 14. Things I wrote, aside from non-fiction essays for school, were brain-dead and lifeless. Therefore, what I’m trying to get at is that this show is brain-dead and lifeless. It has no soul. It has no characters that the viewer can actually care about. It’s boring.

For the mecha fuelling up as well as for the mecha on the subway, I give a merciful 3/10.

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