First created way back in 2004 to free my livejournal from anime ramblings, which were really starting to take over completely, this blog is now jumping on the animeblogger bandwagon because LJ is ugly.

This is not so much about keeping on top of all of the new releases as much as just rambling on about what I watch and read. It seems a bit silly to me to have so many different bloggers covering the same shows, or at least it seems silly to me to blog about something when many others have already written good entries on it. Aside from reviews, I’ve therefore decided to write about lesser known or infrequently blogged about things, such as all of the random manga I have or something older like Ideon that nobody else is covering.  Maybe it’ll motivate me to catch up on my immense backlog.

These are the shows from Spring and Summer that I still have to finish watching/review:

Dennou Coil
Hanakimi drama
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Toward the Terra

This is what I have to catch up on for Fall and Winter:

Ghost Hound
Hakaba Kitarou

And here’s a list of everything I’ve seen.

A note on the title:  The “Haruda” is more of a “haru da” (It’s spring.) instead of the name “Haruda.”  That, in turn, is part of a joke from the shoujo manga The Cherry Project, where students poke fun of their teacher named “Haruda Sakurana” by calling her “Haruda Sakurada.”  What can I say, it seemed like an awesome idea for a screenname five years ago, and when I started this whole blogging thing, I was too lazy to come up with something new and just took a part of it.

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