Anime Avalon is Closing!

While I try to get through Akuma ni Onegai, the next short story in Circus Wonder, here’s some stuff I got, because stuff is always cool.

Anime Avalon, formerly Anime Planet, the only anime store that I know of here in Houston, is closing its doors. On one hand it’s sad; on the other their prices aren’t that great so I never bought anything aside from a D.N.Angel calender way back in ’03 or ’04. I also don’t rent DVDs, which is the other thing they’d have been useful for.

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First Gashapon Figures!

Note: I have a Zant figure left that I need to get rid of; please comment if you want it.

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Circus Wonder – Circus Wonder

Circus Wonder is a collection of three short stories by Kusunoki Kei, two horror and one comedy. This entry is obviously about the title story, which takes up about half of the tankouban. Of course it may have been wiser to pick up one of the other, shorter ones to meticulously look up all of the kanji for, but I guess it’s better than one of the longer series I have.

Circus Wonder focuses on a high school girl who ends up going to a circus which is really run by fairies and so on from a different world. They end up using her in the show and taking her away with them; their leader, a creep wearing a clown mask most of the time, tells her that she’s his sister and not a human at all! Her classmate and romantic interest, who is also the only person that hasn’t forgotten her, sets out to save her.

Detailed summary behind the cut. Pictures coming if I ever get my scanner to work.

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Mangaka Profile – Kusunoki Kei

Kusunoki Kei is a bit of a curiousity because a majority of her works is shoujo, yet she has always had shounen titles thrown in there, too, and doesn’t seem to be doing shoujo at all any more. Even when she did, her art style is very, very much not your usual shoujo fare; it looks more like what’s you’d find in a shounen manga instead. Indeed, for the longest time I thought that she was actually a man who was doing shoujo for some reason. Most notable is probably the fact that she uses pretty thick lines, at least for outlines, and the result is certainly not the whimsy, big-sparkly-eyed shoujo that you’d expect to find in Ribon in the early 90s.

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Hiatus Part 2

I’ve realized that keeping an anime blog dealing with all of the hot new shows is often a burden along with being quite fun.  For instance, I at least might find myself struggling to keep up with the shows I’m blogging (watching Gurren-Lagann raw the day it airs, writing about everything else the day the fansubs come out, etc.), when I may want to take time to catch up on something older or spend time on my other hobbies.

Thus, I’m not enjoying this whole “blogging brand new anime episodes” thing (although I could have figured that out years ago before moving to a proper blog) and have decided that I don’t really want any more weight on my shoulder. My time would be better spent writing about older or more obscure series. For instance, I have a lot of random (shoujo) manga in Japanese and am finally getting to the point where I can understand them. Writing about them is a much more appealing thought than, say, having to keep right on top the newest releases. On the other hand, reading them takes a while, as I have to look up many things, so any review would still be days away, at the least.

The bottom line? Nothing more on new series (for now) except for reviews.

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I hate to be doing this already, but due to the rediscovery of a relatively time consuming hobby (piano), I’m running out of time to blog.  Basically, once I’m done with work, have practiced for at least an hour, and done all of the necessary chores to keep my apartment from being disgusting, I have time to watch a few episodes a night, but not to write about them, too.  Since I don’t want to give up keeping up with any shows to write about one or two, I definitely can’t do the episode by episode blogging thing on a regular basis and I also can’t really keep up with reading others’ blogs.  Hence I may do full reviews once some of the current shows are over or maybe some impressions on the summer season’s shows that I’m looking forward too (not that many), but nothing more (unless I get tired of the piano or get fired from work or something equally horrible).

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Dennou Coil – 05

dennou1 dennou2

While this episode is much more calm and peaceful than the previous one, it does throw up some interesting and yet to be answered questions.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – 12

1 2

The Dai-Gurren paddles across the ocean and is attacked by Adiane. That’s pretty much all that happens in this episode (aside from fanservice and some Yoko and Nia character development), and I’m not quite sure where I stand on it, especially since episode 11 was so exquisite.

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Devil May Cry – First Impressions


I’ve never played DMC, although it’s part of my great backlog of video games (somewhere), but, to put it bluntly, I think Dante is hot. That’s the main reason I want to play the games (aside from that they’re supposed to be good), and that’s the main reason I’m watching this show. Quite shallow, I know, but what can I say? Dante is one good looking bunch of polygons.

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Dennou Coil – Impressions (Ep. 1 – 4)

Dennou1 Dennou2

The Windows automatic updater just killed most of this entry as I left my computer unattended for a few minutes. I’m mentioning it because it was the most horrible thing ever and I almost didn’t go back to writing this entry today because of it. All the hard work…! (I write in notepad, because WordPress’s entry tool drives me absolutely insane.)

Anyway, now that that’s aside, on to Dennou Coil. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure love alternate fictional depictions of the internet, although the only other one I can really think of is the Wired in Lain. Add to this a general Studio Ghibli atmosphere, and you have one awesome show.

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